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About Us

About us

We are passionate about riding and want everyone who shares the love of the motorcycle lifestyle to have all the action camera capabilities possible. That is why we created a single destination for all your chin mount and accessory needs. Go Moto is the home for premium quality action camera helmet mounts that make riding safer, better, and a lot more fun. Our commitment to innovative motorcycle helmet mounts is now and will always be our primary mission.

Why go moto?

Simply put – we are riders just like you! We know the challenges of getting that perfect shot while struggling with awkward helmet mounts that never work the way you want them to. We respect that everyone has their own taste in helmet style and shape and believe that a solid action camera mount should not get in the way. That is precisely why we invented a new solution!

At Go Moto, we make helmet-specific chin mounting products that fit perfectly into the shape of your helmet. Our premium quality and reliable mounts ensure you get an accurate first-person recording of your ride without compromising your helmet’s safety features or attractive aesthetics. If you want to bring home incredible videos to share with your followers, friends, or family, you need a Go Moto chin mount!

Our mission

At Go Moto, we are not satisfied until the chin mounts are just right. We offer a wide range of helmet-specific mounts and are constantly adjusting and re-engineering our products for new capabilities for our growing customer base. Our goal is to provide a solid and reliable chin mount for every customer.

If you cannot find the chin mount for your specific helmet, please contact us, and we will find a solution for you. We work hard to update our motorcycle helmet chin mounts with the latest style, structure, and designs to fit with your helmet of choice.

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